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John Maxwell Edmonds – quotes from the poet’s texts

John Maxwell Edmonds was a renowned British poet and classical scholar who is best remembered for his masterful translations of the ancient Greek writer, Homer. He also wrote a number of moving and inspirational poems that are still widely quoted today. Although Edmonds was not particularly well- known during his lifetime, his writings have become increasingly popular in recent decades. His words offer insight into many topics, including the nature of love, courage, beauty, and life itself. Here are some powerful quotes from John Maxwell Edmonds’ works.

“Life is eternal; and love is immortal; and death is only an horizon; and an horizon is nothing save the limit of our sight.” – John Maxwell Edmonds

This quote captures Edmonds’ belief that life is continual, with no real end or beginning, although it can appear to be finite due to our limited views as human beings. It suggests that love transcends mortality and will exist forever, even beyond death.

“Change your life today; don’t gamble on tomorrow for tomorrow never comes.” – John Maxwell Edmonds

Here Edmonds speaks to us about seizing the moment—of taking charge of one’s destiny rather than depending on events outside oneself. He argues against complacency and encourages us to take risks in order to create real change in our lives.

“Be kind; for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” -John Maxwell Edmonds
This timely reminder invites us to look past people’s external surfaces and recognize their inner struggles. By encouraging kindness and compassion towards others we can create understanding in how their interpersonal battles sometimes manifest into outward aggressions or defenses which give an inaccurate reflection of their character or true self.

“Oh, love will make a dog howl in rhyme!” – John Maxwell Edmonds
Love often inspires us to do extraordinary things–things we wouldn’t otherwise think possible or doable if completely independently motivated by ourselves alone. This quote reminds us of the transformative powers love has over those it affects deeply, encouraging personal growth through vulnerability and openness with another human being unlike any other kind of experience one can have on this earth plane.

“The world must be filled with good men doing good deeds with little conversation.” – John Maxwell Edmonds
The power behind this quote rests within its suggestion that sometimes less really can be more–that actions speak louder than words most times when it comes down to genuine kindness or philanthropy being executed without expectation or need for recognition or reward afterward. Often social media culture taints these timeless values as fewer people focus on actively making the world better around them rather than simply talking about wanting it without executing on the dream at hand simultaneously anywhere immediately afterwards

“A ruin’d man like me might yet obtain/ A balm for sorrows from a clouded sky”.-–John Maxwell Edmons

Edmond’s recognizes there may be hardships present for any individual at any given time regardless of what stage they are in life but he overrides this hardship with hope that although suffering may persist there are various sources available both internal and external (like nature) to draw strength from during tough moments especially if one harnesses creativity which he shows here by attributing common natural elements like clouds as having restorative powers traditionally unheard by mainstream society far before him .

In conclusion , these quotes from John Maxell Ermdonds illustrate why his works continue remain relevant today: they provide comfort when we’re struggling through difficult times while inspiring us towards action when times seem stagnant . His ideas around perseverance , resilience , compassion , self care , harmony & growth continue having lasting resonance now because despite them being conceived during different eras centuries ago at least some basic aspects fundamental everywhere remain unchanged till late which shall continue long after him when shared & cherished collectivelty hopefully ushering forth positive universal change going forward.

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